Christmastime should be filled with joy.  Like the traditional Christmas carol Joy to the World.  Those lyrics were written by Isaac Watts in 1719 and put to music by George Handel (we also hear his Hallelujah Chorus at Christmas).  Joy to the World skips the usual sentimental Christmas feelings and even skips the humble birth of Jesus in a stable.  Instead it goes straight to the heart of Christmas, proclaiming in the first lines joy to the world the Lord is come, let earth receive her king.

Christmas is about the arrival of the king.  The creator God himself stepping into the human world to begin re-establishing his rule over his creation.  Of course our human race has been rebellous since the beginning of time, rejecting the rule of God and choosing our own way.  When Jesus came that first Chritmas we continued in rebellion, rejecting him as king and choosing instead to put him to death and rid the world of this one who claimed to be its king.  But, in his Easter resurrection he confirmed his authority to rule and he defeated death the one enemy no earthly king or ruler could ever defeat.  He came that first Christmas not to condemn us but to save us.

The last verse of Joy to the World says he rules the world with truth and grace.  We don't see much of his rule in the world today, and those we do see ruling in the world seldom do so with truth and grace.  That is because Jesus the king has been building his kingdom these past two thousand years with people willing give up their rebellion, accept the pardon he offers which he paid for in his own crucifixion, and embrace him as their ruling king.  Isaac Watts was not just writing about that first Christmas, but about the future day when Jesus will visably step into our world again.

He will judge and condemn those who never gave up their rebellion or accepted the pardon, and fully establish his kingdom with those who repented and embraced him as king.  Then they will sing with Isaac Watts joy to the world the Savior reigns... no more will sin and sorrow grow or even thorns infest the ground... instead he will make his blessings flow.  Are you ready to receive Him as your king and prepare yourself for his kingdom?  There is no better time to embrace him as your king than this Christmas! 
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Wishing you Joy at Christmas
and throughout the New Year