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As independent insurance agents we have many insurance companies from which to help you select the right coverage, at the right price, to protect you from loss of your personal assets.
Make sure the named insured on your polices matches the owner of your property.  Do you have a trust, or vehicles titled in someone else's name?  Your insurance agent does not know that unless you tell them. The wrong insured could mean no coverage when you have a loss.  Ask us, we can help you get it right before it's too late.
Have you considered insurance for catastophies your home insurance policy excludes, such as flood and earthquake? Ask about an earthquake rider or flood insurance policy.  A flood can happen anywhere, not just in the flood plain.

Our team will take the time to do it right and give you the options you desire.  We promise to spend more than 15 minutes on your insurance

Check your insurance policy before using  your personal vehicle for any business service.  All policies exclude coverage for a "public livery" like ride share and taxis. Some exclude other commercial uses like food delivery. Click here to download FAQs about Michan law on Transportaion Network vehicles.
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