What is Making insurance and bonds easy ?  It means we are committed to providing insurance, bonds, and other products for your financial security in a manner that is comfortable and as free from trouble, distress, or difficulty as it can be.

Our agency is established as a Christian family business with the belief that the principles of the Bible apply to all aspects of life including business.  While we respect people with other beliefs, we believe the true story of Jesus Christ and his kingdom is good news to be shared.  More....

Our actions are guided by our philosophies:

Respect is earned through honesty and integrity in all our relationships.

Customers become our loyal clients and friends because we care about them and exceed their expectations.

Similar products are available elsewhere; we are distinguished by providing quality service that others don't.

Insurance is a complex subject we give extra effort to make it more understandable to our clients.

Our activities must be profitable to provide income for our staff, a quality workplace, and resources for giving.

Our individual personal goals are best achieved by focusing on our mission of providing for the goals and needs of our clients.  We pursue professional growth and continuous education to better serve them.

We provide quality profitable business to our insurance companies and value our relationships with them.

We accomplish our mission as a team and a family.  A team where everyone does their part.  A family where we celebrate and promote each other's success and share and help in each other's difficulty, for the good of all.

While our philosophies and principles remain unchanged we understand that our methods and techniques must change to maximize opportunities to accomplish the mission.

Our Guiding Principles