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Surety bonds are our specialty.  We represent all the major bonding companies and provide all types of bonds (except no bail bonds).
Surety bonds are very different from insurance policies.  Insurance protects you from events you don't expect.  Bonds protect someone else from your failure or inability to do what you are expected to do.  There are many types of surety bonds, but all are similar in that a surety, or bonding company, guarantees you will do what you say you will.  If you don't the surety will step in and complete your obligations.  Unlike an insurance policy, if a surety pays a bond claim you are obligated to reimburse them.
Contract Bonds
Guarantee the completion of construction contracts, or provide bid security.
Permit or License Bonds
Guarantees a permitee or licensee will comply with laws and ordinances regarding operations they are permitted or licensed to perform.
Notary Public Bond
A type of license bond required for notaries.  $10,000 of liability insurance for errors or omissions is included with our notary bonds.
Fidelity Bonds
Often called dishonesty bonds these are really a crime insurance policy protecting against fraudulent acts by those you expected to act honestly.  While most often used to protect employers from employee theft they can be used in many situations where someone is intrusted with the assets of others.
A type of fidelity bond required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act to protect retirement plans from dishonest acts by the plan trustees.
Court Bonds
Bonds required by the courts to guarantee compliance with court proceedings.  These include bonds for guardians, estate administrators, appeals, discharge or liens, and other obligations.

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Surety Bonds