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As independent insurance agents we have many insurance companies from which to help you select the right coverage, at the right price.

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Personal Home & Auto Insurance
Review  your policies and tell us about any inaccuracy.  Missing drivers, wrong address, unoccupied houses, or other incorrect info could leave you with no coverage when you need it.
Attention Uber & Lyft drivers, we offer affordable coverage for your vehicles.
Check your insurance before using your vehicle for any business service. Food or package delivery, ride share, and other services to the public could void your coverage.
The wrong name on your policy could mean no coverage when a loss occurs.  Make sure to tell your insurance agent about trusts and the actual owners of the vehicles and homes you insure.
Consider adding coverage for catastophies your home insurance policy excludes, such as flood and earthquake. Ask us fro a quote.  A flood can happen anywhere, not just in the flood plain!
Do you rent your home or a second home to others?  Whether it is full or part-time rental, Airbnb, or any use other than as your residence, it may  void your insurance.  Confirm   coverage with your agent.
Why has my insurance cost increased?
Just like you insurance companies have been hit hard by inflation. The cost of materials and labor to repair houses and cars has increased a lot since 2020.  The severity and frequency of  storms has caused more claims than normal.  Crime in many places is on the rise.  Operating and staffing costs have increased.  All that plus the Michigan Catrosphic Claims surcharge on auto insurance has increased due to the State Supreme Court reversing some of the medical cost reforms that allowed you to get a $400 per car refund a couple years ago.
Michigan's 2023 Distracted Driving Law makes it illegal to use a mobile device to do any task while driving.  Click here for more details.